When Failure Is a Learning Experience

I know I said that I was not going to be posting for the next couple of weeks due to my treatment program, but I came across something that made me feel compelled to post.


All of us have experienced failure at some time in our lives…  we have done badly at a test in school.  We have failed driving tests.  We did not get the job that we applied for.  We did badly in job evaluations.  Our relationship bombed out on us and the “love of our life” rejected us…  We cheated on our diet and felt bad as a result.

And for those of us with drug or alcohol addiction problems, we may have relapsed or failed to maintain our sobriety.

What I want to highlight in this post that is failing to achieve something is not the end of the world…  it is a learning experience.  When you fail to meet your expectations or those of your peers, it is not a total failure on your part.  It is a vital part of your growth and development as a human being.

Everyone fails at some points in our lives – it is a part of being human – of being fallible… none of us are perfect!

And if you set yourself up for nothing less than perfection, you are setting yourself up to fail. And that is going to lead to more problems in the future.

If you refuse to learn from a set-back, then that is a failure on your part (but I what I would go on to say is that it is not a failure per-say, but a failure to LEARN)…  if you embrace your mistakes, learn from them, they can become valuable learning tools that can be vital to your growth and development as a well-rounded, successful human being.

So embrace your failures.  Learn to say “Yes I F**Ked up, but I am a better person because of it…”  and learn to love yourself.

Be gentle with yourself.

Never be afraid to F.A.I.L – as that is your opportunity to learn.  Your First Attempt In Learning.

And never be afraid to dream big and shoot for the stars!