Only 1 More Day To Go – Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

There is only one more day left on this fantastic offer…. so if you have not yet taken a look and have not bought your bundle do so NOW!

This fantastic deal is only available until May 25th, 2015, but it is one that you simply do not want to miss…


Over 40 AIP resources, coupons and deals for only $39 (Total value is $500+)

Included in this bundle:

15 AIP Cookbooks and Meal Plans (total value $188)

15 Lifestyle and Exercise Guides (total value $207)

15 Beyond the Basics e-books (total value $136)

9 Brand-new e-books

Best of AIP Cookbook, exclusive to this bundle!

26 Discount Codes for AIP-friendly vendors and products

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the AIP lifestyle or if you are an “old-hand” – there is something in this bundle for everyone.

If you are not familiar with e-book bundles, they typically include an assortment of related e-books as well as discount codes, all for a huge discount and sold for a limited time. This is the very first bundle to focus on exclusively autoimmune protocol-friendly resources. And it contains every single one that you will need.

Click here to view more details

But what ever you do, don’t delay as this bundle is only available until midnight on the 25th May 2015…

You know you will regret it if you don’t take advantage of this amazing deal!

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