Taking a break

Due to some mental health issues that I am struggling with, I have reluctantly decided that I need to take a break from blogging.  I do not have the time to sort out my issues and blog at the same time, and my mental health has to come first right now.

I am not abandoning you, the blog will still remain up and I will respond to your comments, questions and emails.

I just won’t be posting for the next month.  Think of it as me taking a vacation – although I will be staying at home and working under the care of my mental health team rather than going to have some fun in the sun – more is the pity!.

I am going to miss you guys!

See you all at the end of August!

11 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Hope you’ll find the rest and encouragement you need and you’ll be back. We exchanged a note about going too low carb, that will certainly lower serotonin and thyroid. So eat well, rest, pray and find lots to laugh about. My hope comes & goes so I’ve found it necessary to keep a gratitude list of all the blessings I do have so I will not focus on the things I think I want or “should” have.
    I have what I need and need to learn contentment.
    Please take care and don’t be a stranger.

    • thankyou for the comment. I don’t doubt that low carb did not help, but I have been battling with this for years – from childhood trauma/abuse through to post-partum depression following the birth of a 32 week preemie 14 years ago and I also suffer from PTSD and an anxiety disorder following an MVA over 8 years ago. This is a cumulative issue I have a feeling. And much more than just low serotonin etc. I will get through it though
      I like the gratitude list though – will do that.

  2. Take all the time you need! We will be here when you come back. You health, both physical and mental are everything! I am new to your blog, but enjoy it very much. I will take this time to check out all your older posts.

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