Took a break

I took an unscheduled break for a few days for two reasons:

1:  I was sick.

2:  Remember way back in February we had a leak in our bathroom/basement?  Well the insurance company have FINALLY got round to approving the repairs that were needed – only took them 4 months!  (We will be changing our insurance company as soon as these repairs are done!  It should never have taken them this long to aprove what should have been a simple claim.)  So we have workmen repairing drywall and the ceiling in the basement and also some repairs in the kitchen where the leak originally happened (the floor, the sink unit etc).  This meant that we were without water in the kitchen…

Anyhow, while the repairs are still going on, we now have water in the kitchen, so I can get back to cooking even if the floor tiles have not been laid yet.  That means I can get back to posting recipes.

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