C’s Packed Lunch

This is the packed lunch that I made for C to take to the Music ‘n Motion performance last Sunday.

She was concerned that it would not be filling enough as she would be rehursing all morning (lots of marching about, lots of playing), and then performing in the afternoon.  And it had to be enough to sustain her from breakfast (at around 7am) until we got home (at around 6pm).


Clockwise from the top left-hand section:

  • a mini clementine and ¼ cup of almonds
  • lacto-fermented carrot sticks and cucumber sticks
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs (cut in half) and green leaf lettuce
  • a slice of good quality ham (the brand I use is antibiotic and hormone free and contains no nitrates, although it does contain some sugar) wrapped around a stick of cheddar cheese

And at the top are 2 packs of unseasoned nori seaweed and a mason jar containing chocolate chia pudding.  These were packed separately in the insulated bag.

She also took her water bottle filled with a rehydration drink made from water with a dash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

She said it was not only delicious, but it filled her up without weighting her down too much.  And it did keep her going, because while she was hungry by the time we got home, she was not starving.



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