Lacto-Fermented Food

In my drive to feed our family more probiotic rich food, I spent the afternoon making a range of foods and pickles.


So far, I have made:

  • 1 quart jar of sauerkraut using white cabbage
  • 1 quart jar of sauerkraut using a red cabbage
  • 1 quart jar of lacto-fermented salsa
  • 1 quart jar of ginger carrots
  • 1 quart jar of  lacto-fermented beets/beet kvass
  • 1 quart jar of ginger-garlic radishes
  • 1 quart jar of kimchee
  • 1 small jar of honey-fermented garlic
  • 1 quart jar and 2 pint jars of pickled watermelon rinds
  • 2 quart jars of lacto-fermented lemonade.

Not bad for an afternoon’s work!

And this is what it all looks like lined up on my fermentation shelf:


The lemonade is not shown in this pic as it is located on the bookshelf below the water kefir:


And then I have my usual 3 jars of water kefir and 4 jars of kombucha that I maintain…

Lots and lots of fermented goodies!

6 thoughts on “Lacto-Fermented Food

    • I do not add any water – it all comes from the cabbage!
      I shred it finely (using a food processor), sprinkle on 2 tbsp of salt per cabbage and then pound the heck out of it using the end of my rolling-pin until it is really juicy (takes about 10-15 mins, so I watch TV while doing it!) Then I pack it into the jars, punching it down with my fists which squeezes more juice out.
      And I put an intact cabbage leaf over the top and weight that down with a small jelly-sized mason jar (which fits perfectly into the wide-mouthed quart sized ones). That seems to stop any floaters that may turn moldy.
      I am going to do a post about how to make sauerkraut in a day or two. I just have not had time to write it.

      • Look forward to when you get it done. I can see I’m clearly not beating that cabbage up enough. I use a Harsch crock and Pickl-it jars. One thing I’ve never understood is how you can “taste” your sauerkraut (in any system) without reintroducing oxygen to alter the process.

  1. Hi I’m new to making lactose fermented veggies. Do you cook any of the veggies first or will they soften while fermenting? And how do you make kombucha and kefir?

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