Pallets for the Garden

We are hoping to build some raised beds in our back yard this summer so that we can carry out Square Foot Gardening.

The aim is for us to grow as many vegetables as we can in the most economical way.

So in order to save some money on actually building the beds, we decided to get the timber as cheap as possible, and if at all possible for free.

So today, Hubby and I went out to pick up 2 loads of this:


There are 30 pallets there, all full of useable timber.


And the best bit is that they were totally free – we answered an ad on Kijiji and went and picked them up.

Now we have to take them apart, and then we can get on with making our beds.

One thought on “Pallets for the Garden

  1. That’s wonderful! I will be trying the square foot gardening this year. Just one though but I will continue to plant in my garden. You got blessed to have received so many pallets.

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