Packed Lunch 01/27/14

This is the packed lunch that I made for Hubby and the girls:


Clockwise from the top let hand corner I packed:

They also took fruit (a choice of mandarins, apples and banana) and a reusable water-bottle full of water.

I can’t eat the energy bars (contain nuts, nut butter and seeds) or taco muffins (contains nightshade spices), so I took leftover soup, fruit and veggies for my lunch.

One thought on “Packed Lunch 01/27/14

  1. You deserve a lot of praise for sharing the your efforts to keep your family healthy. A tremendous display of dedication that often keeps me on the right track.

    Honest efforts rather than the all too frequent emphasis on fancy cupcakes or other desserts that seem to be the mainstay of so many blogs.


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