Packed Lunches 01/13/14 & 01/14/14

I didn’t get to post yesterday’s packed lunches because I didn’t have time (long day at work) and by the time I got home I was seriously tired.  So I am posting 2 packed lunches today.  Yesterdays and todays.

So yesterday I packed the following:


Clockwise from the top left-hand corner:

  • the little dipper filled with paleo ranch dressing and 2 mini mandarin oranges
  • veggies (celery, baby carrots and radishes)
  • Bacon wrapped chicken tenders on a bed of lettuce
  • a homemade energy bar

I had a slightly different lunch to this as the ranch dressing and energy bars are not AIP-friendly.  In my case, I took some guacamole in place of the ranch dressing and some pemmican in place of the energy bar.  Unfortunately I didn’t take photograph of my lunch.

And today’s packed lunch (Just for Hubby and the kids as I am not at work today):


Clockwise from the top left-hand corner:

  • Kale chips and plantain chips
  • veggies (radish and celery)
  • Cauliflower hummus
  • Carrot sticks and 3 bacon-wrapped prunes

Hubby and the 4 girls also took some fruit that was packed separately (3 of them took an apple, the other 2 took a banana).

In all cases, for both lunches, everyone had a reusable water-bottle of water to drink.

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