Happy New Year! And a packed lunch.

Happy New Year everyone!

I took a break from posting over the holiday period so that I could spend time with the family…  but we did have a fantastic time.  Lots of good (paleo) food, and lots of family time.

I will post photos later on once I have had a chance to sort them out.  And I will post about the food as well.

But for today, this is the first packed lunch of 2014 that I made for Hubby to take to work today (I don’t start back until tomorrow and the kids go back to school on Monday).


Clockwise from the top left-hand corner I packed:

  • Leftover Cranberry sauce in the little dipper with some date bites (essentially chopped up energy bars) below
  • 2 mini mandarin oranges and some red pepper sticks
  • Green leaf lettuce with leftover turkey thigh cut into bite-size pieces
  • leftover roasted roots (rutabaga and sweet potato) and brussels sprouts stirfried with bacon.

A  lot of this (the cranberry sauce, the turkey, the roasted roots and the brussels were leftover from the turkey dinner we ate yesterday.

This roast dinner used a GIANT 20lb organic turkey


that I bought on special from the grocery-store for just $10 a few days after Christmas (I stashed it in the freezer to keep it fresh)…  I LOVE some of the bargains you can get at this time of year!

There is loads and loads of leftovers from this bird that I will stash in the freezer to be used for packed lunches or other meals, and of course I will make bone broth from the carcass.

All in all, that is a VERY frugal purchase.

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