Packed Lunch 19/12/13

I have not done a packed lunch post in a while despite making paleo style packed lunches every weekday…  today, I have decided to do one though as this is likely to be one of the last lunches I need to make this year.

The kids all had a half-day, I am not working, so the reality was that I only made the one lunch for Hubby (the kids and I ate the same chicken strips and sate sauce for our lunch at home though).  Today is also the last day the kids are at school this year, and while I am working, I am going out for lunch tomorrow.  And Hubby does not need a lunch either for much the same reason.

Anyway, this is what I packed in Hubby’s lunchbox:


Clockwise from the top left hand corner I packed him:

  • Sate sauce in the little dipper and some fresh pineapple chunks in a reusable silicone cupcake liner
  • baby carrots and black olives
  • 3 chicken fingers on a bed of green-leaf lettuce
  • a homemade energy bar and some walnuts

He also took his reusable waterbottle, and will be making coffee or tea at work.  And of course he has his fat-bombs if he needs and extra snack.


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