Useful links

For the ladies I was talking to last night who asked me for a bunch of links (you know who you are!)….

These are all the ones I remember saying I would post.  If I have missed any and you remember please let me know.  Also, I will add any I remember later on.

F.lux – the program/app that reduces blue light emissions from your electronics (this does not work on android phones btw…  search for an app called “Good Sleep” if you have a samsung phone… other androids you may need to search for a different app that does the same thing)

Marks Daily Apple – great paleo/primal site.  regular updates and some really informative forums

IMPG forum on facebook  – I am a member here, very useful.

100 days of real food – not paleo, but is real food…  take one of their pledges…

Food babe – if this site does not put you off eating processed food I would be very surprised!

WAPF – the site inspired by Weston A Prices’s research and the Nourishing Traditions cookbook…  real, traditional food.  Not paleo, but still good!

I am sure there are more but I cannot remember them right now…  lmk if there are any other links I should have posted and I will update the post with them.


HTH ladies 🙂

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