Today’s Packed Lunch (11/27/13)

I haven’t posted a packed lunch update for a while…  This is not because I have not been making the healthy packed lunches, it is more because I have been stupidly busy.   No time!

Today I am starting work a little bit later, so I have a few minutes to write a post and add a picture.

So this is what I packed for all of us (except A, who has the day off school today).


Clockwise from the top left-hand corner:

  • The little-dipper filled with some homemade tomato sauce with a chocolate energy-bar below
  • Cherry tomatoes and a mini-cuke cut into 4
  • red-leaf lettuce with 5 mini meatballs on top (I added a cocktail stick to spear the meatballs on so that they can be dipped in the tomato sauce without getting your hands messy)
  • baby carrots and some mandarin orange segments

I also added a reusable water-bottle filled with water.

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