Dog Booties

We have been having problems with walking the dog during the cold weather because his feet get too cold and it becomes painful for him.   So we decided that because he does need a lot of walking, we needed to get some dog booties.

Hubby was doing some searching the other day and found this video on how to make dog booties on YouTube.

It seemed very straightforward, and he decided that he could make them himself…

A quick trip to Fabricland produced some remenants of black fleece and some cream coloured vinyl (we couldn’t find any faux suede as recommended in the video.  We also picked up some double sided velcro.

Back at home, we measured Casesar’s feet and Hubby got my sewing machine out…


The first attempt was a bit of a disaster – they were not long enough.  But a quick adjustment to the pattern and about 2 hours of work resulted in 4 nice looking dog booties.


They are a little tricky to get on him due to the snug fit, but they do fit really well.


These work really well…


they dry quickly, and despite there being quite deep snow, Ceasar’s feet were still warm and dry when he came back from his walk and he seemed to have no problems with them.

The total cost of the fabric and the velcro was less than $15, and we have enough fabric leftover to make several more pairs…  so it certainly worked out cheaper than buying ready made dog-boots from the pet-store.

We will be making him more pairs of these for certain!

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