Poached Chicken Lunch Meat

Inspired by this post on Marks Daily Apple, I decided I was going to make some chicken lunch meat for the lunch boxes this week.

The only difference was that I did not want to roast them in the oven – I find that tends to dry the meat out and I wanted to keep it juicy.  The obvious solution was to poach the chicken…  and what better to poach it in than homemade chicken bone broth.

I also changed the seasonings/marinade slightly as I didn’t have any maple syrup, so I left that out (not fond of sweet chicken anyhow!)

This recipe is a bit more fiddly than the one I linked to above, but I found that the meat was wonderfully juicy and tender.  And because it was floating in the poaching liquid, it also kept a nice round shape rather than getting a slightly flattened base from sitting on a roasting tin.

The black pepper means that this is an AIP stage 1 reintroduction recipe.  To make this 100% AIP compliant, simply omit the black pepper.  When reintroducing foods on the AIP, I recommend this guide.

Poached Chicken Lunch Meat

serves 6 amply


  • 4 chicken breasts (skinless, boneless)
  • 1 tbsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp poultry seasoning (if strict AIP, check that there are no non-AIP ingredients included)
  • black pepper to taste  (omit the pepper if sensitive to it or strict AIP)

First up, I rubbed the salt, poultry seasoning and pepper (omit the pepper if strict AIP)  into the chicken well and then I stashed it in the fridge in a ziplock bag for a few hours.  After this, I rubbed off the excess salt, but I did not rinse as suggested in the recipe – I didn’t find that the finished meat was overly salty.

Then I pounded the breasts flat, stacked them in pairs and rolled them up.  I tied them with string to secure them in a nice round cylinder.

Next they were wrapped in 2 layers of clingwrap.


The next stage is to poach them.  I poured chicken broth into a pan that was big enough to hold both cylinders and brought it to the boil.  After turning the heat down so that the broth was simmering, I added the chicken and then weighted them down with a smaller pan lid to keep them underneath the simmering liquid.


I cooked them at a very gentle simmer for around 40 minutes and then left them to cool in the broth for half an hour or so.


After this, I removed them and stashed them in the fridge, still in the wrappings, until the next day.


Next day, I removed the wrappings and the string and sliced them thickly.


This fed all 6 of us for 2 packed lunches!  A very economical lunch-box filler.


And it was delicious as well…

And the best bit is that the bone broth I used as a poaching liquid ended up even more flavourful, so I didn’t waste it…  it went back into the fridge.

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