Happy Halloween!

So are you ready for the hoardes of kids?

I am giving out glow-sticks and glow-in-the-dark bracelets that I bought from the dollar store.  For around $20, I have enough for 50 kids…

I am planning on letting my kids go out trick or treating, but I will go through what they bring back.  Any gum is being removed right away.  Then I will allow them to choose 2-3 pieces of candy that they can eat.  The rest (and the gum, which I personally HATE) is going down to the dentist tomorrow morning as they do a buy-back scheme.

Other options, which works for younger kids, is to have a visit from the Switch Witch, who takes away candy and leaves a gift in it’s place….

I have done the decorations, although most of them got covered by snow (bones, gravestones etc on the front lawn.

But here is “Bones McCoy” taking his ease on the front porch:


And of course we have the obligatory Pumpkin:


And a HUGE scary spider in a web right by the front door…


And what to do with the seeds and “pumpkin guts” that you scrape out of the pumpkin?

You roast them of course….  no need to waste them at all, they are delicious and healthy!


First up, you need to cut the top off your pumpkin (or you could do what I did and cut a hole in the back of it).  Scoop out all the seeds and “Guts” and set them aside until after the pumpkin is carved.

Now you pick through those pumpkin guts, throwing away all the orange squishy, stringy bits and saving all the seeds.

The seeds in the picture up above are from 1 small pumpkin.

Place the seeds on a rimmed baking tray and add 2-3 tbsp coconut oil (you could use other fats as well) and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Now roast them in a 190°C/375°F oven for 20-30 minutes until they are crispy and golden brown.  Toss them every 10 minutes or so and watch them right at the end so that they don’t burn.

Allow to cool and serve as a healthy snack.

These would be great in tomorrow’s lunch box, but I am most likely going to use them as  garnish on the beet, pumpkin and tomato soup (affectionately known in our house as blood soup), that I am serving for dinner

The kids dressed up to go trick or treating of course…

C went as an axe-murderer, wearing a blood-stained t-shirt and wristlets, and carrying a plastic axe.


J went as the Grim Reaper:


And B was a mummy:


I didn’t manage to get a picture of A.  She escorted the younger 2 around the neighbourhood wearing a black evening dress, black boots, black gloves and a long black cloak.



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