Packed Lunch (10/25/13)

Today’s packed lunch is being posted rather late, because I didn’t have time to write a post this morning before going to work…  having just got back, I now finally get to sit down at the computer and post it!

I only made 1 packed lunch today….  All the girls have a half-day on a Friday, and I work a shorter day, finishing at 3pm.  Because it is not such a long day, I rarely take a lunch break and prefer to work straight-through.  I make a little extra money that way.  And as I get paid $58.50 per hour that I am doing a massage I would much rather be massaging a client if I can!  I make sure I eat a good protein rich breakfast and I find that I rarely get hungry before I get home at around 4pm.  And the 15 minute breaks that I have between massages are plenty of time to grab a snack if I do feel hungry.  On a Friday, I always make sure I keep a few paleo-friendly snacks such as jerkey, nuts and energy bars on me so that I can grab one and eat it if my stomach starts to rumble…

So this is the lunch I packed for Hubby to take to work:


Clockwise from the top right hand section:

  • a honey cake with 1/4 cup of walnuts below
  • baby carrots and radishes
  • salad (watercress and spinach) with leftover diced turkey and cherry tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • 2 squares of extra-dark chocolate in the central treat container
  • a honey-mandarin (packed separately)

He also took his reusable water-bottle and will make coffee or tea at work.

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