Apple Cider Vinegar

When I made the Apple and Onion Chutney the other week, I had a large amount of apple peelings and cores that I did not want to waste.

I remembered seeing a post about how you could make your own from apple scraps on Real Food, Real Deals, so I looked it up, and started the process of making some.

We used the peels and cores of 3lb of the apples that I was lucky enough to be given on Freecycle.

These were packed into 2 mason jars, then we covered them in water with a glug of some apple cider vinegar that contained a mother, stirred in 2 tbsp of honey and covered the jars with some blue shop-towel (we didn’t have any paper-towel!) held in place with an elastic band.


These went into the pantry for 2 weeks.

After that time, we strained off the liquid, discarded the peels and cores and returned the liquid to the jar, covering it once again with more towel and the elastic band.

This was left in the pantry for 4 weeks and we stirred it daily.

After that time we tasted it to see how acidic it was.

It actually tasted just like store-bought apple cider vinegar!

Then I sealed it up with a plastic mason jar lid (I figure that the vinegar is so acidic that it would cause a metal lid to corrode), and I have it stashed in the pantry ready to use…  From the 2 jars of apple peelings and cores I ended up with 1 full mason jar of ACV.


Not bad for something you normally throw away or compost!

Please note, this will not be as strong or as acidic as a commercial apple-cider vinegar, so it will not be suitable for preserving foods.  But it is great to use in salad dressings or other recipes where you would normally add some vinegar for flavour.

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