Dreams Take Flight

B has been offered a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland with an awesome charity called Dreams Take Flight.

Today started early (at 3am) as we had to have her at the airport for 4:30am…

We got her up and gave her a good breakfast as they would not be eating on the plane until around 8am…  I chose to give her some of the Taco Bake I posted about the other day…

And then we put her in the car and drove over to the airport at around 4am.

As it happened, we were a little early, so had to wait outside the lounge where the various groups were to meet up while they got everything organized.


Hubby took a couple of photographs of B while we were waiting:


Eventually, we were let into the lounge, where we found the meeting place for B’s group “Minnie Mouse” where she was given a Stampeders Tshirt to wear.


B was so excited that she could not keep still and spent most of her time bouncing.  Her group leader said that she should have been in Tigger group!  But I think the name of her group suits B perfectly – she is small and squeaky!  And she was certainly squeaking with excitement this morning!

There was a bit of waiting around while the other 4 members of her group arrived, and while she was waiting, she got to meet the air-crew who were going to be flying the plane:


The Stampede Princesses:




And the Calgary Flames mascot:


She was also interviewed for the local news (Global TV)

I will be watching the news tonight for sure!


And eventually, they were ready, and at around 5am her group headed off to security on their way to board the plane…

She was so confident and I am really proud of her!

We pick her up at midnight tonight, after a full day of going on rides.  She is going to be exhausted, but she will have so much fun!

I can’t wait to see all the pictures…


This is a picture that appeared in yesterday’s Calgary Herald, showing B’s group as they emerged from the plane.  B is the one with her face half cut off sadly:


And these pictures were taken as they arrived back home to Calgary at just gone midnight:




On her Daddy’s shoulders as we were leaving the airport to come home.


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