Packed Lunch (10/22/13)

Today’s packed lunch post is later than normal because I forgot to take a picture and had to get Hubby to take one using his cell-phone.

I don’t work on Tuesdays, so I really only packed a lunch for Hubby and the girls.

This is what I packed:


Clockwise from the top left-hand container I packed:

  • The Little Dipper filled with Hoisin dipping sauce (not really Paleo, but tasty)
  • baby carrots
  • 2 Vietnamese style salad rolls, individually wrapped and on top of a red-leaf lettuce leaf.  Hubby’s was made with rice-paper outer, lettuce leaf, all veggies slivers and shrimp.  The girls had a rice paper outer layer, lettuce leaf, rice noodles, some veggie slivers and shrimp.
  • Cherry tomatoes and a stick of extra-old cheddar cheese
  • 2 squares of extra-dark chocolate in the central treat container.

Everyone took a reusable water-bottle of water and either an apple or a honey-mandarin orange packed separately.

I just had the salad rolls for my lunch (mine were made the same as Hubby’s  – all veggies, no rice noodles).

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