Packed Lunch (10/18/13)

Because the girls have a half day at school today, and I finished work at 1:30 (electrical work being done in the clinic), I only needed to pack a lunch for Hubby.

This is what I gave him:



Clockwise from the top left hand container:

I also packed a clementine separately and some Gomasio (Sesame Salt) in the little dipper for him to dip his hard boiled eggs into.


He also has his reusable water bottle full of water to drink (but he also drinks tea and coffee in the office as well).

Lunch for me and the girls involved scavenging in the fridge for leftovers.  (Mine was the Pork Vindaloo we ate last night with some leftover cauliflower rice)

One thought on “Packed Lunch (10/18/13)

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