Zucchini Soup

I made this soup for lunch because I had several leftover zucchini that needed using up.

It was delicious – creamy, smooth and very satisfying.  And even though it contains 8 cloves of garlic it doesn’t really have a pronounced garlic flavour.

Zucchini Soup

Serves 6


1 tbsp oil or fat (I used coconut oil)

1 onion – finely chopped

2 sticks of celery – chopped

8 cloves of garlic – crushed

3 zucchini – chopped

leaves from 4-5 sprigs of fresh thyme (or 1/2 tsp dried thyme)

4 cups of bone broth

1 can of coconut milk

salt to taste

Heat the oil in a large pan over a medium heat, and add the onion and celery.  Cook gently for a few minutes to develop the flavours and soften the veggies slightly.  Then add in the garlic.  Cook for a few more minutes before tipping in the chopped zucchini.  Add the thyme and the bone broth, taste and season as necessary.

Simmer gently for 20-30 minutes until the vegetables are all tender.

Add the coconut milk and puree with a stick blender.

Re-taste and adjust the seasonings as necessary.


This soup is good hot or cold.