Ham Bone Broth


Each time I cooked one of our bone-in pastured ham joints I took the meat off the bone and then froze the bone ready to make some broth when I had enough.

Eventually I had amassed 4 ham bones, and decided to make the ham-bone broth.

This was done in the slow cooker and was incredibly simple because I could just leave it to cook, all by itself for around 36 hours.

All I did was to put the bones (with any residual meat clinging to them) in the slow cooker.  Add 2 cut up carrots (I didn’t even bother to peel them), 2 celery sticks and 1 onion (I halved it but did not peel it).  Then I threw in a bayleaf and some parsley stalks (did you know that the stalks of the parsley plant actually have more flavour than the leaves?).

I added a glug of apple cider vinegar to provide some acid to leach the minerals out of the bones and I let it cook for around 36 hours at a low temperature.

I love using the slow cooker to make broth because it is simple, easy and I don’t need to keep an eye on it.  It is as simple as add the ingredients, turn it on and walk away…  and then, your house starts to smell AMAZING!…  in this case it smelled of ham…..

Absolutely delicious!

I did not bother to skim the fat off the top of the broth – not only is this made from pastured pork, the fat is delicious and very satisfying.

In total, I got around 7 cups of rich delicious broth from the bones from 4 hams and a few veggies…  you can’t beat that for frugal!


And later on, I used them to make a delicious ham and veggie soup for dinner.

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