Primal Cheese Burgers

These burgers are not Paleo in the true sense of the word because I added cheese to them, but they were delicious!


Primal Cheese Burgers

serves 6

2lb grass-fed ground beef

1 tbsp dried onion powder

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

6-12 slices of cheese of choice (I used feta)

This is a really simple recipe – mix the beef, onion powder, salt and pepper together, divide into 6 and shape into the patties.   Cook on the first side fro 5-10 minutes until browned or golden – you could do this in a heavy pan, under the broiler or on the grill.  I used the grill.

Turn and cook for 5-10 minutes until the second side is browned and the burger is cooked through .  Top each burger with the cheese – I used 2 small slices of feta rather than one large slice of another cheese – a nice sharp cheddar would be good on these burgers.  Please don’t top them with processed cheese though!


Return the burgers to the grill, broiler or pan and cook for a few more minutes to allow the cheese to melt slightly.


Because I used feta it didn’t really melt, it just softened a little.

Serve with the vegetables of choice – I used broccoli and green onions that I also cooked on the grill.


And there you have it – Primal Cheese Burgers with chargrilled broccoli and green onions….



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