School Packed Lunch – 09/11/13

This is today’s packed lunch.  Again, everyone has exactly the same, and we are all taking a waterbottle filled with water to drink.


Clockwise from the top left-hand corner we have:

  • chocolate pudding (in the little dipper) with 1/4 cup of walnuts below (pudding recipe to come shortly)
  • half a sliced peach
  • A salad (green leaf lettuce, dandelion greens, sliced radish,cherry tomatoes
  • 2 roasted chicken wings
  • sour gummies in the central treat section



2 thoughts on “School Packed Lunch – 09/11/13

  1. Your lunches are inspiring. I punted this year and gave in to time constraints and the kids’ requests to eat the school lunch. But reading that menu every week is really making me want to go back to packing lunch!

  2. You are killing me with these superb lunches! I checked their website but they are quite pricey (we are a family of 5) … so I’m still looking. If I see more of your lunches I’ll have to buy at least one of them!

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