Packed Lunches 09/10/13

This is today’s packed lunch.  Again, everyone has exactly the same, even me, although I am not going to work today.


Clockwise from the top we have:

Hubby is also taking 1/4 cup of almonds in the little dipper.

And everyone is taking water to drink.

4 thoughts on “Packed Lunches 09/10/13

      • The Planetboxes themselves are not leakproof, but they do come with 2 leakproof containers, one small (great for salad dressings or dips) and one larger. Both of the leakproof containers will fit inside the planetbox or they can be packed separately in the insulated bag that also comes with it if you buy the entire set. I have not had problems with anything leaking though… I put salad, cold meats and all sorts of things in these. and we pack wet stuff like salad dressing in the small containers and wet foods like berries in the larger. For more information, I suggest you visit Planetboxes website at

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