School Packed Lunches – 1st Day back (09/03/13)

Today is the first day back at school, and we are finally getting in to the swing of the packed lunches.

The Planet lunchboxes have not yet arrived (they are stuck in customs apparently 😦 ) but despite that, we made some pretty tasty looking and healthy packed lunches for the girls.

A does not need a lunch – she not only has a half day today (her first day at high school!), but she is also being provided with a lunch  – probably totally un-paleo, but still….

C did make a lunch – I know it contained some leftovers from last nights chicken and cauliflower rice bake, and she grabbed some fruit and a baby cucumber, but I have no idea what else she put in it.  She put it in her bag and disappeared off to school before I got a chance to look.

I did however manage to photograph J and B’s lunches.

This is what they have:

B's lunch 09/03/13

B’s lunch 09/03/13

B has some leftover chicken and cauliflower rice bake in a lock-n-lock container.  She said she was happy to eat it cold.  She also has a small mason jar with some peach and chia coconut pudding, an apple, some home-made banana chips that I dried in the food dehydrator and a baby cucumber.

J's lunch 09/03/13

J’s lunch 09/03/13

Because C and B got to the leftovers first, J had to make herself a sandwich using some of the gluten free bread I make using the Magic Dough recipe.  She filled this with almond butter.  She also has some peach chia coconut pudding, a satsuma, a baby cucumber and some home-made trail mix that consists of pecans, and home-dried fruit (papaya, kiwi, blueberries and peach).

Both of the girls chose what went into their lunches, and apart from me making the chia pudding, they made and packed these themselves.

Both of these look like pretty tasty lunches 🙂

And this is what Hubby is taking for lunch (I am not at work today):


Clockwise, from the top left, he has a small mason jar containing some peach-chia pudding, a salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato and celery, with balsamic and olive oil in the small red pot), some chicken-terrine (2 slices) and 1/4 cup of walnuts in the other mason jar.

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