The Paleo-Vegan – a contradiction in terms!

Several times this week I have encountered people who are claiming to be both Paleo AND Vegan.

The first was a 14 year old girl.  She was celiac, so she would not be eating any wheat.  But she was getting all her protein requirements from pulses….  HELLO?  Pulses are NOT Paleo!  What she is is a grain free vegan or a celiac vegan.  What she is NOT is a Paleo-vegan.

And there have been others like her.

I am sorry, but it is impossible to be a Paleo-vegan.

You just cannot do it.  If you are vegan, you get your protein from soy, pulses and grains – all plant based sources because you do not eat any animal products.

If you are paleo, you get your protein from animal based products – meat, fish and eggs and you avoid soy, pulses and grains.

The 2 are simply not compatible.

I think even being a paleo vegetarian would be very hard to do – while you can eat eggs, dairy is not Paleo.  So you would have to get your entire daily protein allowance from eggs.   And I think you would get sick of eggs mighty fast in this case.   It might be slightly easier if you were primal and ate some dairy as well, but even then it would still be very hard going.

A pescatarian might be able to do it though.  They eat fish, so you could limit your food choices to fish and seafoods, eggs, veggies and the good fats…  and a diet high in wild caught oily fish would be very healthy.

But for me, I choose not to limit the animal protein I eat, but I do avoid grains, pulses, dairy and mass-produced food.  I eat lots of veggies with moderate amounts of fish, meat and eggs, along with some healthy fats (avocado, coconut, olive oil etc).

And that is what makes me Paleo.

So why do they claim to be Paleo when they are so blatantly not?

I have no real idea, but I suspect it is because Paleo is becoming more and more popular.  Veganism has always been seen as hip and trendy.  They are jumping on bandwagons…

But they are failing to understand what Paleo is….

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