Today was not a good day at work…. I left at 8:45am because according to the schedule I had a massage booked at 9:45.
By the time I got to work at 9:30, the guy had already cancelled (not cool folks!!! give us some notice if you are going to cancel!!!! 30 mins is NOT enough! the clinic does not open until 9am). then my next scheduled appointment was an RTA at 11…. he was a no show… (GRRRRRR means I did not get paid for that one either!… again not cool! If you book SHOW UP! even if it is not costing you a penny because your insurance is paying- if you don’t show up I don’t get paid!).
Then there was a HUGE gap… next massage was a 45 min one at 2pm…, followed by a 60 min at 3pm and finally a 60 min at 4:40… and I eventually got home at nearly 7pm… a long, long day with only 3 massages due to people messing me around – and lots of time wandering around downtown getting bored.  And I didn’t get paid much because it was only 2.75 hours of massage…  REMEMBER, massage therapists are mostly contractors, we only get paid when we do massages…  you mess us around, we loose money!

I am not annoyed with the front desk/reception ppl – they can’t control the cancellations and no shows – just that people wasted my time and meant I spent more than I needed in coffee shops because people were inconsiderate! And I HATE inconsiderate people!

please guys, if you book a massage keep that appointment! your therapist will thank you for it!

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