Avocado Eggs

Eggs are one of natures wonder foods, and we often eat them for lunch or breakfast in our house.

They are cheap, economical and very tasty.  They are also very quick to prepare, which makes them an ideal go-to food for a busy parent…

And as I mentioned in this post, there is no reason to fear the cholesterol in the egg yolk – eating eggs has been demonstrated to not raise blood cholesterol levels or increase the risk of heart-disease in more than a few studies.

But eating the same egg dish again and again and again gets boring very quickly.  So I try to mix things up and do something different with our eggs.

Which brings me to Avocado Eggs.

Egg yolks are rich in healthy fats, avocados are also rich in healthy fats.  So why not mix the two together?

These are quick and easy to make for breakfast or lunch and make a great snack for the kids.  If you could work out how to pack them so that they don’t get squished and the avo-yolk mixture doesn’t go everywhere they could make a really healthy lunch-box choice as well.

Whole eggs are a stage 2 reintroduction to AIP.  When reintroducing foods on the AIP, I recommend this guide.

Avocado Eggs

makes 12 half eggs


6 eggs

1 large avocado (the riper the better)

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp olive oil

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/4 tsp cayenne (or to taste)

Take your eggs and hard-boil them – submerge them in cold water and bring it to the boil.  Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes.  Drain and submerge in cold water to cool them fast (this stops you getting that nasty grey ring around the yolk).  I find that if I crack the shells while they are cooling, that the shells will come off more easily.  Oh and fresher eggs are harder to peel the shells off – use your really fresh eggs for soft-boiled “dippy eggs” and your older ones for hard boiled ones!

Once the eggs are cool, shell them and cut in half.  Pop the yolks out into a food processor.  Add in the peeled and stoned avocado and all the rest of the ingredients and pulse until it is smooth and creamy.

Now you are going to transfer this green creamy goodness back into the hollows that the yolks left in the whites.  I find this easiest to do using a piping bag, but if you have not got one you could either spoon it in or improvise using a small sandwich bag with one corner cut off to allow the mixture to be squeezed into the whites.

Arrange these babies on a bed of lettuce and serve at once.


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