Peru Bound….

Hubby is off to Peru tomorrow – he is going to be spending 2 weeks in Lima – partly for work, partly for sightseeing (well he might as well while he is there!)…

Yes I am going to miss him, yes it IS going to be hell.  And yes I will worry about him.

As far as Paleo eating goes, we are accepting that he most likely will have to do the best he can.  He is going to be eating a good breakfast tomorrow morning (early, early, early – before even the crack of dawn as he needs to get his cab at around 4:30am!).  I am hard boiling some eggs for him and there is some cold cooked ham for him to eat.

As far as airline meals go, he doesn’t get one until the second leg, and for that he has booked a gluten-free meal (we figured that was probably the best we could do)…  but he also plans to eat at his stopover in Houston, Texas, and was thinking something like steak and salad if he can get it as that will keep him going for several hours.

And if he can get nothing suitable, well it will be a good exercise in Intermittent Fasting…..  He does not want me packing him some suitable snacks however.

He does not land in Lima until around 10pm at night (which is a LOOOOOOOOOONG time seeing as he will be leaving so early in the morning!)

Food while he is down in Peru may be a little more difficult, and not made any easier by the fact that he really does not speak any Spanish…  Breakfast is provided by the hotel and as far as we can tell is buffet style, so he should be good there – he can just choose Paleo-friendly choices from what is on offer.  Lunch will be for most part at the Lima office of his company – and at least the office manager speaks English (and Spanish as well), so he can hopefully make his needs known.  And dinner he is going to do the best he can….  if nothing else eat the meat and the veggies and ignore all the carbs, especially the gluten containing ones (he really does not do well if he eats gluten – major gastric distress does not describe it!)

Now that he is all packed and ready to go I am feeling much calmer – I am a bit of an organizing junkie…  I tend to have lists of the lists of things that I need to do.  Whereas Hubby is a much more relaxed “it will all work out” type of guy.

I guess I just worry….

And I am going to miss him!

It is going to be a very long 2 weeks…..

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