Meet the Animals

So…  I know I have mentioned in the past that we have a dog called Caesar and a cat called Joey.

I thought it was time to introduce them to you.

This is Joey.

Isn't he a hansom boy?

Isn’t he a hansom boy?

The reason Joey is looking so handsome is because A had just spent half an hour grooming him and producing the largest amount of fluff I have ever seen….


All that fluff from one small grey cat – and Joey is very small.  I suspect he has Siamese genes in him because he is small, wiry and skinny and no matter what we feed him he never puts on weight.

Joey is around 9 or 10 years old.  We are not sure exactly how old because he is a rescue kitty, but that is a good estimate based on the age they thought he was when we rescued him and how long we have had him (5 years now).


Joey is a fantastic hunter, and is entirely raw fed.   He eats raw meat, raw poultry, fish, and frozen prey animals (mice most often) that we buy from the pet store.  I don’t buy a commercial raw diet for Joey because it is so expensive and not all that good for cats.  I make up his food myself based on this website.  By feeding Joey raw food, he is at the healthiest he has ever been and he is certainly thriving on it.

As for Caesar…  He is nicknamed Gorgeous (because he IS gorgeous!)..

Mr Gorgeous himself!

Mr Gorgeous himself!

While Joey is just a mixed breed moggy, Caesar is a purebred boxer.  He is 2.5 years old (born at the end of may in 2011)  and we picked him out from the litter when he was only 7 days old.  He is the most wonderful dog…  nutty as a fruitcake but incredibly loyal.  Very, very gentle with the kids and incredibly obedient.  The only real issue we have with him is that he has a tendency to jump up (our fault!) and he likes to sit bolt upright on our knee when you are sat on the sofa (again our fault!)  He also likes to clean your ears for you…

And he is very photogenic as you can see…


We feed Ceasar a biologically appropriate pet food -most often Acana Wild Prairie.   He seems to do really well on it.  We would love to feed him a raw food diet, but at this time, that is not an option due to financial constraints.  He does get some raw food however.  If we are boning out any meat for our meals, Ceasar gets the raw meaty bones which he loves.  He also gets anything the cat leaves… if Joey does not eat his entire meal within an hour I give it to Ceasar.  We also feed him raw eggs, some yoghurt, along with treats that are basically chicken jerkey wrapped around a stick of dehydrated sweet potato.  He also gets marrow bones.  He also eats bone broth once in a while and we give him Greenies dental chews to keep his teeth in good condition.

I mentioned that Gorgeous (or the Boy or the Beast as he is also called) is slightly nutts…  Here he is playing fetch with A in the back yard…




Yes I know the grass needs cutting…  it had been raining for several days and we couldn’t get out to cut it.  That chore was done right after this picture was taken.

I posted back in September of 20011 about Caesar and put up a pic of him…  my goodness has he grown!  He would have been only 3-4 months old in that pic.

And this is him out in the snow that fell at the end of October 2013….  he was not impressed by that!


And sat cuddling his daddy because he needed some comfort because there was all this scary white-stuff outside…


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