Slimband – Why?

Last night I was watching TV and there was a commercial for Slimband.

This got me thinking.

Instead of making the effort to loose weight, people are paying for costly and potentially risky surgery.  And all so they don’t have to change their eating habits in order to loose weight.


They will carry on eating the same crappy, nutritionally deficient food, but because the size of their stomachs has been reduced they will just eat less of it.  And because the food they are eating is deficient in nutrients, they will end up even more nutritionally deprived than they were before and as a result their health will suffer.

When did it become the norm to undergo elective surgery instead of eating healthy food in order to loose excess weight?

Slimband claims that you can loose up to half your excess weight in a year while still “eating the foods you love, just in smaller portions”.  And they were promoting one woman who claimed to have lost 50lb and who said that “She was never going back”.

Yes you may be able to loose that excess weight, but at what cost?

I effortlessly managed to loose 50lb in half a year on the Paleo diet with no surgery risk, no scarring and at a cost considerably less than getting Slimband.   I am never going back either!

One thought on “Slimband – Why?

  1. I know exactly what you’re saying. I have direct experience with family that have chosen this path. Let’s just say the side-effects, are disturbing. But what do you do, when people you love have committed to this method, and feel they are on track and getting results? Here’s what I do: I try to be as empathetic and understanding as I can, use caution with my words, and continue to do the best I can at being the role-model. That aside, let’s just say my sentiment with regard to this kind of lapband surgery, et al., , is equal in spirit to your posting. Sincerely, t

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