Meet the Family

I thought it was time you met the family….

This is me – Salixisme, also known as Charlotte


I am 44 years old, I work as a massage therapist working out of a chiropractic clinic based in downtown Calgary.  I eat a paleo diet, which I started partly to loose excess weight (I reached 195lb and decided something had to be done…  now my weight seems to have stabilized at 135lb).  But the other reason I became Paleo was to help with some health issues.  I had been diagnosed with both chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and I was also having gut issues.  Paleo helped all that, and now I feel fantastic.

And this is my husband I.  He is 40 years old and you would not believe how much stick I got for taking that picture of him as he hates his picture taken!  Hubby works in IT.


Like me, I is also eating Paleo, aiming to keep his total daily carb intake around the 50g area as he wants to loose a significant amount of weight.  He has managed to loose at least 50lb so far on the diet and is feeling (and looking!) fantastic although he still has a way to go.  We have been together for over 20 years and married for 10 of those, and we have 4 beautiful daughters…

A is the oldest.  She is currently 15.  And hates her photo taken.  The only way I managed to get this one is because she didn’t know I was taking it (she was reading her favourite book – Redwall).  A loves to draw and often will spend most of her time doodling on pieces of paper.  She is also a gamer, and plays Everquest2, Lord of the Rings Online, Skyrim (on the PS3) and Fallout/Fallout New Vegas (also on the PS3).  A eats a mostly primal diet as she can’t give up cheese, but she does like the way she feels healthier by eating a low carb diet.  You met A before in my post about the stuffed pork chops where she was cooking.

My eldest daughter A.

My eldest daughter A.

Next in line comes C.  You have met C before making a raita in the pork vindaloo post.  C is currently 13.  She plays the flute in both her school concert band and the jazz band and is also a member of the  Calgary Roundup Band.  She is a very talented young lady 🙂 .  C is much like A in that she eats a mostly primal diet (Paleo with added dairy).  She is addicted to coffee and likes to put milk in it.  She also moans about the lack of potatoes in what she eats.

My second daughter C

My second daughter C

And finally we have J and B.  again, you met this pair (also referred to as the gruesome twosome) before at the Stampede Parade.  J is 11 and B is 9.  J is the one on the left, B is the one on the right.  This pair are both partners in crime and share a very (VERY) messy bedroom.  J is learning to play the electric guitar through a Coursera course.   Both J and B eat a mostly primal diet with some carbs added as they need the energy and I worry about them ending up underweight.  Mostly the carbs are in the form of potatoes, sweet potatoes or rice but I also encourage them to snack freely on fruit as well.  They are both very active, spending a large part of each day running around outside in the playing-field near our house, and swinging on the monkey-bars at the park.

J is the only one of my children who is fussy about any food item – she HATES mushrooms with a passion.  It is the texture apparently.

Daughters 3 and 4 - J & B

Daughters 3 and 4 – J & B

So that is it…  that is my family.

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