Puddles on the Floor

I have been suspicious that the dishwasher was leaking for a few days now – there always seemed to be a wet spot just in front of it.  But when I mentioned it to I, he just said it was where the kids had spilled stuff. And I accepted that.

Anyhow half an hour ago I cleaned up yet another puddle in front of the dishwasher.  And just now I walked in front of it and discovered that the puddle was back.  The kids had not been in the kitchen in that time – so it can’t be them spilling anything!  And running my hand under the bottom edge of the door you can feel drips on the left hand side.

Sigh…  it looks like the door seal may have failed.  And it is less than 1 year old too!

Time to call the repair guys up.  At least it is still under the manufacturers warranty.


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