My neighbors had a garage sale over the last 2 days.  We ignored it because we are not interested in accumulating other peoples junk.

But this evening A & C came in from walking the dog and mentioned that the leftovers were available free and there were several boxes of mason jars….

That was enough to have me rushing out the front door….  I am now the owner of 50 mason jars of various sizes and shapes – some the fancy preserving ones, some the mini ones, some the HUGE ones.  Some have their rings, some don’t.  Some have the lids/seals, some don’t… but heck rings and seals are cheap… and I use these suckers for storage most often.

It was worth getting eaten alive by mosquito’s… both hubby and I are sporting more than a dozen bites and we were only out there 5 minutes.

I love garage sale leftovers almost as much as I hate the mozzies!

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