Paleo Meatballs – My Way

I still can’t get the pictures I took to work, so I am going to just go ahead and post this without any pics.  It won’t look quite as pretty, and I apologize for that, but at least I have it out there.

A few days ago I was looking for paleo pasta substitutes and I came across someone saying to try finely shredded white cabbage that has been sauteed.  That sounded good, especially as I had half a white cabbage that badly needed using up.  And what goes well with cabbage?  Bacon…  lets face it, bacon goes well with EVERYTHING!

So now I had a pasta substitute but I needed to work out what would go well with the bacony cabbage.  I had a pot of leftover tomato sauce, some ground bison and some pastured pork sausage.

So for dinner tonight, I decided we were having meatballs.

And this is my version.

Paleo Meatballs – my way

500g ground bison

500g bulk pastured pork sausage

1 onion

1 tsp ground garlic

1 tsp paprika

1 handful chopped fresh parsley

1 egg

salt and pepper to taste.

Pulse the onion in the food processor until it is finely chopped, but don’t let it get too liquidy or the meatballs will not hold together.  you want small pieces and no liquid.  Mix all the ingredients together until it is all well blended.  Don’t try this in the food processor – it goes to a nasty uniform mush that makes tough dry meatballs (trust me, I know, I did it once!).  Meatballs should have just a little texture they should not be tough uniform cannonballs (That is what Ikea sell, and we don’t want Ikea meatballs do we?).

Next step is making these babies…  Wet your hands because it stops the mixture sticking and roll them out into itty-bitty little balls no bigger than a walnut.  Arrange these on a rimmed baking sheet that you have lined to make cleanup easier (Actually I don’t care if you don’t line it – it is no biggie to me if you have to scrub the baking sheet!  But I lined mine because I am lazy).  I found that this mix made 54 of the little darlings…  what a pity I couldn’t squeeze one more out to take up that last space on the baking sheet!

(There should have been a picture of the tray of meatballs with one space empty in the top left hand corner inserted here)

Bake in a 190C/375F oven until cooked.  I found that about 25-30 minutes was about right.

While they are baking prepare what is to go with them.

(I had 3 pictures of the cooked meatballs to insert here – one as soon as I took them out of the oven, one after I had nommed one of them and one after A had nommed one).

Tomato Sauce

You need 2-3 cups of your favorite tomato sauce.  You could make your own but I was lazy and used one out of the freezer so I can’t tell you what is in it.   Use a store bought one if you like, I won’t mind.

Cabbage Noodles with Bacon

6 slices of amazing pastured bacon – thinly sliced

1/2 head of white cabbage – sliced thinly

2 cloves of garlic – crushed

(I had a picture of my amazing pastured bacon to insert here)

Put the bacon in a skillet over a medium heat to allow it to crisp up and the fat to render out.  The idea here is to produce as much bacony goodness (AKA bacon fat) as possible, so don’t have that heat too high – keep is low enough that you can render out most of the fat before it starts to burn.  Scoop the bacon out of the fat before it burns and toss in the garlic.  Allow to sizzle for a minute or two but don’t let it burn (burned garlic tastes horrid!) and then dump in the cabbage noodles.   Toss well and add the bacon back in.  Keep tossing until the cabbage is slightly tender but still has some bite.

Serve a big pile of cabbage noodles with the meatballs on top and then  top with the tomato sauce.

(The final picture was a plated version – the cabbage noodles with all their bacony goodness.  A pile of beautiful baby meat balls and all topped with tomato sauce)

And finally call the ravening hoards (AKA the kids) to the table.  OMMM NOMMMM NOMMMM

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