My new job

I had my first day at my new job yesterday…

Fortunately the clinic was not affected by the flooding last week despite being downtown, but it was closed for most of the week.  But finally the city allowed them to open on Thursday, so I was able to start as planed.

I did 7 (yes 7!) massages! BOY is that a lot for a massage therapist to do in one day.  I did 5x 60 minute massages (that is a lot in itself!), one 45 minute one and a 30 minute one.  Needless to say, I was absolutely exhausted when I got home.

Today was easier.  Only 4 clients (and strangely all of them men with upper back/neck/shoulder problems).  I did 2x 60 minute, one 30 minute and one 45 minute treatments.  All good though.

And now I am off until Tuesday.  Three bookings so far, all in the morning.  That will no doubt increase.

Well I did say I wanted to work in a busy place….

And BOY is this place busy!

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