Time to revamp the blog

I keep doing this and keep slipping.  But this time I feel I want to start blogging more.

A lot has changed in the past 2 years…

I graduated as a massage therapist with a 2200 hour diploma.  I did a pregnancy and post-natal massage course.  I did a course in myofascial release.  I got a job at a chronic pain management and soft tissue injury rehab clinic (and received training in low intensity laser therapy and a small amount of training in some manual osteopathic techniques – no qualifications though mores the pity).  I worked there for almost 10 months when they decided to let me go due to lack of work.

So now I am looking for another position.  Several interviews under my belt I have two scheduled for Monday and the possiblility of a self-employed contractor role where I have to build a client base from the ground up.

Other than that I radically overhauled my families diet and we are now all a combination of Paleo, Primal, Clean Eating and Weston Price.

Hubby and I are both more Paleo than anything else – Hubby wants to loose lots of weight (And is succeeding too – he looks fab!), so he is avoiding the carbs and dairy.  I can’t eat the dairy because of my allergy to casein.  A (eldest daughter) is primal.  She has felt the benefits of eating low carb and avoiding grains and pulses and feels fantastic.  But she can’t give up the cheese – feta is her passion!  And the other 3 girls (C, J and B) are more Weston Price combined with some clean eating….  they eat some carbs in the form of bread, sprouted grains etc.  Overall it is working well for our family and we are all much healthier.

What prompted the change was that I weighed myself at Christmas and realized to my horror that I was the heaviest I have ever been – 190lb.  At 5″8″ that put my BMI at 28.9 – well at the upper end of the normal weight range and not far off being obese.  For years I had prided myself on being a healthy weight and eating a  healthy diet, yet somehow the weight had crept on despite me doing a job that was very physically active and meant that I was on my feet all day long.

I decided that something HAD to change.

Random googling lead me to Marks Daily Apple and it all took off from there.  I cut out the carbs and started to loose weight and felt better and better – healthier than I had in years.  Then Hubby decided to join me.  From there it was natural to include the kids because who wants to cook several meals after a long day and an even longer commute (I was working 40 hours a week and had a 90 minute commute by transit each way).

So that is the update in a nutshell – I have changed my diet, become healthier, and am looking for a new massage job.

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